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          To obtain prototype loudspeakers from BHS, please contact our sales department and provide as much information as possible to our sales department concerning your request.

          Once approval has been received from our sales department, your request will be forwarded to our lab for processing. The whole sampling process takes about 2 weeks.

          Before our lab to process the sample, you will be sent a formal quotation. Samples are prices as you receive them, unless otherwise noted. Any changes made, such as an addition of a logo dust cap, would void the quote.

          When you receive your prototype(s), it is your responsibility to thoroughly test these speakers. Each prototype will be shipped with a specification page and an approval form.
          Once you test your sample and it meets with your approval, you will need to fill out the sample approval form and fax or email it back to BHS along with your purchase order. Please do not send your approval form until you are ready to place an order.

          If you have any questions concerning the sampling process, please feel free to email us.
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