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          About BHS
          BH Speakers is a professional manufacturer dedicatedly engages in R&D, manufacturing, selling and offering service of loudspeakers & audio system.
          Our products including Subwoofer, Woffer, Midrange, Tweeter(Compression driver) and Guitar Speakers, etc., with different moulds and wide range specification, we can satisfy all kinds of loudspeakers from worldwide clients.
          Engineers from BH Speaker’s R&D team have rich experience, mostly over 20 years on loudspeakers and audio system line, so we can always catch up with overseas market development.
          Quality is the key to move forward, everyone of BH Speakers executes strict quality control procedure from raw material to finished goods, to make sure each problem can be found and solved in time. Because of this, we gain lots of long term clients and their high approval on our products.

          BH Speakers.

          Address: No.58, Yunhui Road, Yunlong Industrial Zone, Yinzhou, Ningbo 315137, P.R.C.

          Phone: + 86 (0) 574 8283 2893

          Fax: + 86 (0) 574 8283 2892

          E-mail: allen@bhspeakers.com



          Copyright @ BH Speakers 2016